BX7 Stick


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Eat. Sleep. Hockey. Not necessarily in that order. For you, hockey is a way of life, not just a sport. It’s the rush of cool air inside the arena, and a pristine sheet of resurfaced ice. It’s about crashing the crease and battling in the corners. You could play all day, if they’d only let you. You want a stick that can hold up to anything your game can dish out.


Snap it, slap it or wrist it with confidence. BattleAxe Hockey has designed five exceptional sticks built to endure the hardest shots game after game. Our passion for the sport and dedication to its players has led us to develop affordable sticks that are consistently designed, engineered and manufactured with leading-edge shared technology implemented in all our sticks, making them both lightweight and extremely durable. This means that outstanding performance will be displayed in all BattleAxe sticks no matter the cost. You do not need to spend $200+ to get the highest performance.