It is the goal of BattleAxe Hockey, LLC (“BattleAxe”) to produce stick products, which meet the needs of our customers for quality, performance and durability. As proof of this commitment, we provide the consumer with a limited warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase of our one piece player sticks, shafts and replaceable blades (“Stick Products”). The terms of this limited warranty (“Warranty”) are described below:

This Warranty applies only to the original purchaser of Stick Products that meets the specific replacement conditions detailed below. This Warranty applies only for a one-time replacement and does not extend to Stick Products that are provided as a warranty replacement. If the stick to be replaced is a discontinued product or is otherwise not available at the time of the warranty request, BattleAxe reserves the right to substitute a comparable product.

This warranty does not apply to sales to professional, junior or college teams.

This Warranty limits the duration of any implied warranties, such as the warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, to the duration of this express warranty. In addition, this Warranty excludes liability by BattleAxe for incidental or consequential damages.

This Warranty gives the consumer specific legal rights, and the consumer may also have other rights. Some areas for example do not allow limitations on the length of time that an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.

No person, agent, distributor, dealer or other third party is authorized to modify the terms of this Warranty in any manner whatsoever.


In order for the Warranty to apply,

1. All returns must be accompanied by an authorization number (“Authorization Number”) obtained from BattleAxe.

2. Returns must be received by BattleAxe within 14 days of the issuance of the Authorization Number.

3. The request for replacement of a Stick Product must be made within 30 days of the purchase of the product as evidenced by the original receipt from an authorized retailer (“Receipt”).

4. The consumer must ship the full Stick Product and the Receipt to BattleAxe at the consumer’s expense. The consumer must attach to the Receipt that is forwarded, the removable sticker from the Stick Product that contains the serial number, which is located above the serial number on the Stick.

5. The breakage, as determined by BattleAxe, must be the result of a manufacturing defect and not the result of abuse or (a) contact with another player or object; (b) any modification of its original shape; or (c) any tampering with the blade or paddle.


You must obtain an Authorization Number and shipping instructions for the return of the product by e-mailing the following information to

A. The full name and shipping address (no P.O. box) of the purchaser.
B. Daytime phone number
C. E-mail address
D. Description of damaged product
   -Stick shaft or blade model
   -Serial Number
E. Date of Purchase
F. Name of Store where purchased
G. Location of the defect
H. Description of how the damage occurred 

Upon receipt of the above information, BattleAxe will promptly forward the Authorization Number and full shipping instructions. 

Once the Authorization Number has been obtained, the damaged product should be shipped by the customer, to arrive at the BattleAxe Warranty Department within 14 days. 

The issuance of the Authorization Number only provides the consumer with permission to return the product for evaluation and in no way commits BattleAxe to make a replacement. 

Once the product is received and conditions of the Warranty are confirmed, a replacement Stick Product will be shipped by BattleAxe, at its expense, to the consumer at the address provided. 

If BattleAxe determines that the problem with returned Stick Product is not covered by this Warranty or if the consumer failed to meet the Procedures, the product will be returned to customer at its expense and request. 

BattleAxe reserves the right to refuse warranty service to any person who is deemed to be abusing BattleAxe products or warranty policy. All decisions by BattleAxe on matters of this Warranty are final.