Q - Where can I find prices for BattleAxe Hockey gear?
A - We have suggested retail prices (MSRP), but prices are set by our dealers. As a general rule of thumb, our prices are about 30% less than comparable products on the market.


Q - Where can I buy BattleAxe Hockey gear?
A - Check out the dealer locator on our website or ask your favorite local pro shop to carry the BattleAxe Hockey brand. We are expanding rapidly throughout North America, but if we are not yet in a shop near you, check out our online dealers.


Q - Why can't I buy directly from BattleAxe Hockey?
A - Pro shops are the lifeblood of the hockey industry, and part of our mission is to support these valued partners. Their experience and excellent customer service will help direct you to the equipment that will best serve your needs.


Q - Why BattleAxe Hockey?
A - Ice hockey has become too expensive to play. Ice time is not getting any cheaper, and although we cannot do anything about the price of ice, we can make the equipment you use more affordable and more durable. Equipment today, especially sticks, are practically disposable. With all the advancements in high-tech materials, manufacturing advancements and innovative technology, there is no reason for sticks to be as fragile as they have become. It is about time that someone started making products their customers want. BattleAxe Hockey is listening and as players, we share your pain.......that's why more and more people are choosing BattleAxe products.


Q - Do you have anyone in the NHL using your equipment?
A - NHL, AHL, ECHL, Juniors and Russian Superleague (KHL) players have used our gear. They use BattleAxe Hockey equipment because they like it and not because they are paid to do so. We do not advertise these players because we do not believe in paying the hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs to do so. These fees paid by all the manufacturers you see in the NHL are ultimately passed on to you, the consumer. You are paying for their NHL exposure; you are paying for the players' fat contracts. BattleAxe Hockey was founded to make hockey affordable again, not to continue to drive up the price of gear.


Q - How are you able to keep your prices affordable and still ensure durability and craftsmanship?
A - There are a number of ways we control costs. Because of our vast manufacturing experience and connections, we have eliminated the middleman and the costs associated with a third party, giving us complete control over production. We have a qualified BattleAxe Hockey team onsite for quality control to ensure the gear manufactured meets the high expectations of the BattleAxe Hockey brand. By not paying the outrageous fees associated with the professional leagues and players, we are able to control our marketing costs. And we are not greedy. Yes, this is a business, but we are more than a business, we are hockey players with a goal to make ice hockey affordable to everyone who has the desire to play.