Bringing Back Old School Hockey

At the heart of BattleAxe Hockey is a group of former collegiate and professional hockey players, who are on a mission to bring back old school hockey. The big companies have made our sport so expensive, but we believe cost shouldn’t be a barrier to performance. We are committed to quality, craftsmanship and affordable hockey gear. We will not cut corners on production or implement some fad of the moment that increases cost and decreases durability. Our shared technology approach ensures that our leading edge technology is on all of our sticks. This means you do not need to break the bank to get the highest performance.   By engineering our own gear, not paying the high professional league fees and maintaining low operating expenses we are able to minimize the cost to both the pro-shop owner and the player.  It is important to BattleAxe Hockey that we are a true partner to the pro-shop owner. We have been around the sport long enough to know the unrealistic demands the larger companies have placed on the dealers. You are the lifeblood of this business, so we listen to your needs in order to maximize your profits. We love the game and are willing to do what we can to support the sport of hockey at a retail level. BattleAxe Hockey is not going to force you to buy quantities that don’t fit your needs; we are not going to leave you without product in the middle of the season and we are not going to rob you of your profit margins. We need you, the players need you and the sport needs you.    

Manufacturing the highest caliber sticks, gloves and gear at reasonable prices, without asking you to compromise performance, quality or durability - that is BattleAxe Hockey. 

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